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What's in the blog?

Reviews of beauty products, clothing, and fashion/beauty web sites, plus tips and personal essays on fashion and beauty.


Late beauty (re)bloomer. 5'0" Asian/Caucasian halfie with olive skin and panda eyes. A little edgy, a little girly, a little weird. Lover of the natural and dramatic, inspired by great stories, art, mythology and legends, everyday heroes, Eastern philosophy, and indomitable fighting spirit. Rediscovering beauty inner and outer!

Also: Once and future magazine editor, current freelance writer and sporadic crafter, eternal student of anthropology.

Special interests

natural beauty, indie and innovative companies, DIY and crafts, Asian fashion, costumes, vintage and ancient styles, cultural flair

Unabashed loves

sparkle, metallics, neutrals, purple, asymmetry, chunky heels, hair sticks, knee-high boots

Guilty pleasures

cheap cosmetics, splurging on unsampled perfume, adding to my overstuffed wardrobe, anime-inspired hair, instant ramen

Contact me

email: kinu AT

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