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How I Review

All reviews posted to date are of products I bought myself (or received personally in some other way, like as a gift from a friend or loving family member ;) ). I'm not averse to the idea of sponsored reviews, but I haven't done any yet, and I'll update this information if and when it happens.

My review philosophy: Beauty and fashion are uber-personal, and everyone has different needs. While I try to be thorough, objective and thoughtful in my reviews, they're still just one person's opinion. The best way to find out if something works for you is to go ahead and try it! After all, exploring what's out there is a huge part of what's fun about fashion and beauty, right?

Perfume ratings, explained


Sillage (a.k.a. throw, projection, trail, etc.) is rated on a scale of 1-4:

1 - I have to put my nose next to my skin to smell it.
2 - I can smell it while wearing it, but other people have to stand close to me to smell it.
3 - People standing nearby can smell it.
4 - Completely dominates the room with its personality.

Overall score

A perfume's overall rating shows how much I enjoy the scent. (I usually don't take off points for sillage unless the trail is extremely faint or utterly overwhelming. Unless otherwise noted, I also don't include the bottle's appearance in my rating.)

1 - Yuck. Bad relationship, bad breakup. No happy memories.
2 - Meh. Some good points, but not enough to make up for the unlikeable bits.
3 - OK. Compatible with me if I'm in the right mood.
4 - Appealing. I'm actively fond of it and could wear it regularly.
5 - Obsession-worthy. I love this perfume so much I flirt with the idea of bathing in it, eating it, or soaking my whole house in it. The kind of perfume I could wear every single day and still get starry-eyed about.

Reviews of other stuff, explained

Everything aside from perfume gets just one rating, based on how much I like the product.

1 - Hate it! This product has probably made me angry in some way. I shake my fist!
2 - Meh. Wouldn't buy it again.
3 - Decent, but unexciting. Would buy it again if I couldn't find something better.
4 - Like it. Can see myself buying this regularly.
5 - Love it! Chances are good that I'll buy more of this even before I run out, just to make sure I don't go into withdrawal.

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