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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Indie cuteness: flower hair pins

It's a bright and sunny morning here, and the mini roses on the porch are in enthusiastic bloom. (Yeah, I know it's almost November. Did I mention the growing seasons are totally backwards in Florida?)

Anyway, it seems like a good time to share my newest flower-themed accessories. They're a trio of handmade polymer clay hair pins from indie shop Raelwear, on Etsy.

I love how the petals curl just perfectly, and how the colors change from the insides of the petals to the outside. So far I've worn two at a time as a nature-girly accent mark to my usual asymmetrical bun, but they'd also work well in a fancier up-do, don't you think?

Robin, the owner of Raelwear, is super-nice and ships ultra-fast, too. She also makes statement jewelry, so if you're looking for a few cute, inexpensive accessories as gifts (...even for yourself?), you might want to check out her shop. No affiliation, by the way, except as a happy customer who wanted to show off her new goodies!

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